NEW YORK –  New York set a record today with temperatures in Central Park hitting 126!

Meterologists in New York recorded the highest temperature EVER in Central Park with temperatures staying above 120 with humidity close to 95%.

The previous record in Central Park was 117 degrees in 1978.

“It’s a real scorcher out there,” said Mayor Bloombergy, who advised all New Yorkers to stay inside with the air conditioning on “high.”   “I think everyone should leave work, go home and take a cold shower,” Bloomberg told reporters.

“Except for gay New Yorker who want to get married,” Bloomberg added.  “They should be outside preparing for their weddings.”

The National Weather Service has issued heat advisories for all of New York and New Jersey.

The blistering temperatures in New York will continue for the rest of the month.  “We expect it to remain very hot until August,” Al Roker said at a Temperature Conference in Manhattan.  “We advise people to drink a lot of water and a lot of Diet Coke.  Or Coke Zero.  This heat is real and it’s best to drink the real thing.”

“This is definitely the hottest day in the history of New York City,” said Jonathan Larwon, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “There’s a chance New York can break through 130 by tomorrow.”

People in Central Park are sweltering and the Great Lawn has turned into a nude beach.  Many in Central Park are taking off all their clothes to cool down.

The NYPD said that they will NOT arrest anyone for public nudity.  “It’s a public safety issue,” said NYPD spokesman, Jerry Tatler.  “People are sweating in their clothes, it’s better to just take them off.”

Even the NYPD officers are horseback were taking off their clothes.  “They can be just as effective nude as they can be with their uniforms on.  Who’s going to challenge a nude cop?” said Tatler.

David Letterman is considering doing his show tonight in the nude – in a sign of solidarity with the Central Park Swelters.

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