LONDON – Rupert Murdoch testified the phone-hacking scandal happened because Rebekah Brooks is a witch.
For years, Rebekah Brooks, the former Editor-in-Chief, hid the fact that she was a Wiccan.  She belonged to a Coven in Camdentown and dabbled in the black arts in Blackpool.
Rupert Murdoch testified today that he is not to blame for the phone-hacking scandal at New of the World.

But WWN has confirmed that Murdoch lied.  When Murdoch interviewed Brooks he checked to see if she could float.  When she sank like a stone in the water, Murdoch was heard telling his son, James, “that’s my bitch, I mean, that’s my witch!”

Also, Brooks walked into the office as a blonde, but in the interview her hair turned to bright red!
Murdoch believes that media conglomerates need every advantage they can – and witchcraft is “a valuable weapon” to win over readers and viewers.
Brooks used voodoo dolls and casts spells on many members of the Labour Party in London.
During her testimony before the panel today, Brooks told the MPs that her reporters didn’t actually “hack” into the phones of celebrities, victims and prominent British citizens, but instead she use a crystal ball to look into the private lives of newsmakers.
Some didn’t believe Murdoch (or Brooks) about her being a witch.  “You are just telling us this fanciful story to make this ‘story’ more sensational,” said British MP, John Coordie.
But he quickly became a believe when Rebekah Brooks left the panel room, got on a broom and flew off to her house in Wales.
Do you think she looks like a witch?

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7 thoughts on “REBEKAH BROOKS IS A WITCH!”

  1. Witches are real in fact they use the Husband as innocent as they come the wiccan is the obtained practice remember that story of a 323 year old lady had cauldroun in her back yard well whos to blame for them facts this lady has acheived what they call the blind side and yes I know shes a witch and humans are witches.Spells are REAL the Wizardry has become a fad they took some shows off tv because the real Wicca trend can be shown .Books go deeper in the mind you can't relate to it I had a guy beg me to believe his wife was a real witch he clutched the Bible and he was dead on serious I met him at Merrit Club Gymnasium .

  2. I know REAL Wiccans and I can assure you they dont act like what is said in this article. Satanist, maybe, but not Wiccan.


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