MOSCOW – A new book reveals that Russia purposely stranded 3 gay cosmonauts on the moon in 1987.

A new Russian book, “Stranded on The Dark Side,”  and the upcoming documentary based on the book, reveals that three gay cosmonauts who went on a secret mission to the moon in 1987, were purposely left there by the Russians.

Vladimir Kazhazhi, Yevgeny Babrsyukhin, and Igor Plotkin were sent into space on July 15th, 1987.  They walked on the moon and transmitted valuable data back to the Russians.  But they were never seen again.  All communication with them was cut off – and the spacecraft that landed on the moon was disabled remotely.

NASA is investigating the allegations and has agreed to send a lunar probe to try to find the bodies of the cosmonauts.

“Gays were not accepted in Russia at the time – and they still are not,” said Russian astrophysicist, Galina Mordenka.  “The Russian government launched the gay cosmonauts and let them die up there – on the moon.”

The revelations have sent shockwaves across the Space Exploration community around the globe.  “It’s outrageous,” said Buzz Aldrin.  “To leave an astronaut, any astronaut, on the moon, is disgraceful and barbaric.”

The documentary film, which will be released in the U.S. in October , also reveals that the three men were the first humans to have sex in outer space – something that the Russians wanted to experiment with and be the first to do. “Those men were probably the best cosmonauts, and astronauts, that have ever lived. They were very, ver talented and ver brave.  My heart goes out to their families,” said NASA director, Tom Hillstrom.  Hillstrom had heard rumors about the Russian moon landing, but now is convinced it happened.

The Gay community in Russia is planning multiple protests this weekend in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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  1. It just shows you that we do know nothing about space and what happens there. Simply because we have no space technology whatsoever and no funds. It takes private , real private individuals and those who are many to fly into space and fly to the Moon and Mars and Venus to find the truth. The Establishment, both in US and Russia will not let us know what really happened with alleged US missions to the Moon or Russian or so-called Alien (probably our hidden "controllers") issue..


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