PALO ALTO –  Researches have confirmed the “Man Flu” is spreading like wildfire and may soon become an epidemic.
The Bird Flu is no longer a threat to humans, but the new strand of “Man Flu” is spreading across America.  It can be deadly.
According to the study, this particular stand of “Man Flu”  can be lethal – but only to other men!

Researches found that women should not be worried about getting the Man Flu from their partners because women are far better at resisting the bug.
“Women have an immune system that is well-adapted to fighting off The Man Flu,” said Dr. John Blanton of  the Stanford Medical Center.
Bottom line: men are weak and carry this dangerous flu bug; women are strong and can resist any “man flu” out there.
Australian researchers assisted the Standford team in their research. The Australians found that female volunteers had a “much stronger immune response” to deadly virus than men.

BUT, the protection vanished after the menopause, suggesting it was regulated by female sex hormones.  So, older women are susceptible to the Man Flu, but fewer older women encounter the deadly virus.  Researchers are not sure why this is the case.

Prof John Downham, of Stanford University, said: “It makes sense from a biological point of view because women are more resistant to the Man Flu, because they are essential to the survival of the species.  Men are not necessary, essentially.”
The findings do not comfort men who are suffering from “the man flu.”
The solution for men is to stay away from other men as much as possible – thought the problem is that many women do not want to spend time with a man and his flu either.
Once again – man is alone.
The research team from Stanford , published their findings after lab tests to examine the immune responses of 63 men who were on their death beds due to the Man Flu.
The Center for Disease Control is monitoring the Man Flu epidemic and President Barack Obama is considering quarantining certain parts of the country.
At this point, there is no vaccine for The Man Flu.
Be careful out there – beware the Man Flu!

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