A GIANT 55 foot sea monster’has been found washed up on a beach in China.
The beast from the deep is so badly decayed it cannot be identified.  It has been nicknamed The Mao Monster – because marine biologists say it probably is the most deadly sea creature to ever live.
According to local reports from Guangdong, in the south-east of the country, it weighed at least 4.5 TONS.

One fisherman, known only as Hwang, 66, said he was astonished by the find.
People have flocked to see the creature — despite the rotting corpse’s foul stench.
It was found tangled in ropes and one theory is fisherman caught it but could not land it as it was so big.
Beware the Mao Monster!!

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  1. Actually Ricky, you're misinformed, males are mutants! At least in humans, since all humans begin with two X chromosomes (XX – female), but some mutate to an one X, one Y (XY-male) and still more very, very rarely, retain both (XXY-hermaphrodite). I believe the kind of mutation you may be referring to here, is the kind where radiation or some other unnatural chemical / incident has drastically changed a normal creature into a mutant? People usually try to present theories to explain the unexplainable and that's what I love about WWN it's just fun with the fanstastic and usually more embellishment than truth, but often a grain of truth exists.

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