Take a minute and enjoy this gorilla dancing to Electrofunck.
No two left feet on this guy — here’s a male that can really bust a move.
Zola, an eight-year-old lowland gorilla living at the Calgary Zoo, is the star of the latest animal video online to go viral.

Zookeepers captured the gorilla on video late last week “breakdancing” inside his enclosure; splashing, spinning on one heel and stomping through a puddle.
At one point he appears to be breakdancing.
Within 72 hours of the video going online on YouTube and the zoo’s Facebook page, the clip had been viewed more than 15,000 times.
By Monday evening, more than 26,000 viewers had watched the dancing gorilla’s moves.
Zoo officials say the puddle is in the enclosure as an enrichment activity for the gorillas and Zola enjoys dancing on water.
“He loves to play in water and keepers regularly give him the opportunity to do so as part of the enrichment activities they plan and vary on a daily basis,” the zoo said in a news release.
Zola came to Calgary two years ago from the Bronx Zoo in New York.
Western lowland gorillas are listed as “critically endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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