HEAVEN – Psychics are saying that Amy Winehouse was the first soul singer to greet Whitney  Houston, even before Michael Jackson.

Top psychics in Los Angeles are saying that Whitney Houston’s spirit is already “lighting up” heaven.  “It’s like the universal source has called the greatest voice of all time back to heaven.  It’s pure magic up there.”

The psychics also agree that Amy Winehouse was the first singer to greet Houston when she arrived at the pearly gates.

“Amy was right there.  She gave Whitney a big angel hug and walked with her as she met some of her ancestors, relatives and… Michael Jacskson.”

Both singers had trouble on earth with alcohol and drugs, but they are a peace now.  “Fame was too much for their gentle souls,” said Madam Marie of Sherman Oaks.  “Their voices were a gift to our world, but caused great damage to their spirits on earth.  Now, they are in a better place.”

One psychic said that Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston are planning a “concert” together in Whitney’s first few months.  “Amy’s been doing very well in heaven and feels free and happy.”

One psychic said that Whitney Houston is loved even more in heaven than she was on earth.  “It’s hard to imagine her being even more popular in the afterlife, but a voice like hers comes from the universal source and comes along only once in the life of any universe.  She is THE queen of the afterlife.”

While Americans and fans around the world mourn the terrible loss of Whitney, the angels are rejoicing.  “Our songbird is home,”  is what St. Peter reportedly said when greeting Whitney, according to a psychic on Venice Beach.

Diva in heaven…


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  1. I watched that performance of Amy Winehouse on tv the day she did concert she was sooooooo drunk and went home and died alcoholism Rest in Perfect Peace saw recent photo of Whitney Houston she looks fine many improvements and the comment Ralph NO I have not heard Serena Sabaks entry on the subject I think they call them psycho now philosophy is much like qi .

  2. Lord. A talented musician and drugs – almost synonymous. All the more – or less important musical works created and performed under the influence of emotions liberating and exciting fantasy stimulants. Drug abuse and (or) alcohol – an occupational disease of popular musicians. Whitney was great, no matter by what she has achieved this.

    • And I so wana agree with you.All we can do as the ones who are still left here, is learn from these lives placed among us, and be grateful for the inspiration they gave for those who wish to continue to dream about sharing their God given talents with the world.
      Their personal lives were plagued with trials and challenges, and the media cares nothing but to have a headline on them, using their pain and failures as a good read to make money.
      And we so called believers in God we stand back when their going is tuff, instead of praying for them too like any ordinary person and not a star.Remember we turn them into stars, and they give us joy through their talent to make living in this world `not so unlivable`. Then we play judge as to whether they went to heaven or not.Anybody tell u they know whether someone went to heaven or hell after they died, run fast, really fast, BECAUSE NONE OF US HERE KNOW THAT TRUTH. The devil is a thief and a liar, how can we not pray for these people when Satan attacks them? their defeat is our defeat…and he`s on a rampage, taking by force…God bless u much.Lee-Ann South Africa

    • And whoever believes a narrow minded fool like Truewaytoheaven is even more stupid than that.

  3. Sorry but this is all a big, fat lie. The Lord came and took this 18-year-old Spanish girl to Heaven and Hell. He showed her Hell first. Her videos are on YouTube. This is no joke, this is real. Hell is real. And Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Selena Gomez and Princess Diana are in Hell. This is what God showed the girl. Now she is tesifying to everyone about her experience. Whitney, is in Heaven. The Lord himself came to take her and that is why nobody will ever discover clearly the true cause of her death….

    • there is a heaven and there is a hell for sure, and those having a view of `classified` information is merely God wanting us to know that there is a day we shall all stand before His judgement. That is when God will end it ALL.But before this happens when we each leave this world,we will give an account of our life spent on earth, and go to a place of waiting.
      `In my fathers house there are many mansions` i go there to prepare a place for you.This is what Jesus said in the Bible.
      Why then,go prepare a place for each of us when we die, if everyone just goes either straight to heaven or hell?And why are there many mansions in Gods house? For who? For what?

    • Angelica Zambrano is her name, and everything she says was backed up by scripture. Just like Bill Wiese "23 minutes in Hell"

    • Angelica Zambrano experienced a "Hallucination", plain and simple. Many People experience these and see different versions of what they preceive to be an After life. But nonoe of it is real. What she saw was not real cos there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell. Certain People are that desperate to believe what she claims she saw cos they cannot accept the Fact that when your Dead your Dead and thats IT!!!!!! You also want to believe it so you can feel better than anyone who doesn't believe what you do. There is No God, no Heaven, No Hell. You lot have no proof whatsoever of your fantasy.

  4. One thing the world has to no is that when a person passes on, the body remains here but the spirit goes back to its creator because GOD created us in his own image. Thats why we humans are different from animal, the spirit continues to leave until the date of judgement when we will all stand before GOD.

    Its important to no that those who die when they have acknowledged CHRIST before they pass on go the place of rest while those that die when they havent confessed go to the place of damnation.

    It sounds stupid and crazy in the eyes of the world that some people, regardless of the life they have lived have an opportunity to repent before there last breath,will immediately open their door into heaven unlike the self righteous which whether we humans like it or dont, we dont have the power over that.

    Whitney has passed, she and her GOD alone no where she is.
    We should leave her spirit, instead, we should stop talking about her and instead each concentrate on our lives, us who stilll leave.

    The most important thing is for each one in this life to put their lives right with GOD before their unexpected departure.

    Whitney knew her time had come, for some of us who are born again christians, we knew she was in a night club preaching the gospel in form of a song and had gone to pray for a fellow music icon just like her.

    I believe her spirit is in heaven, and we will all go through death someday.

    whether physic or not, everyone should endeavour to put their lives right with GOD before death comes knocking.

    please read Revelations 20:11-15

    My fellow friends, its evident that so many of us are whipping Whitney, even to this date, any song that comes up on a television, continues to bring tears in my eyes and i no some of you, but we must leave dear Whitney s spirit, she has passed on, lets leave her to get peace PLEASE

    let all the gossip, rumours, speculation, assumptions, heresies, etc whatever thoughts , that going through peoples minds, stop this day, instead each one should focus on their own lives now because we are all in a journey, and are just walking though this life but we will all end up where our dear sister has gone.

    The world will get surprised when the people they weren't expecting in heaven will be there and those they were expecting wont be there.

    Mathew 12:36,

    • Where is your proof that's true? And wheres the justice in suffering for Millions and millions and millions of Years for ever etc just cos you didn't believe in some supposed deity in your short life on this Planet?? The very idea is absurd and that's why most People have grown up to the fact that its likely nonsense, nothing more.

  5. Anybody that rejects the gift of salvation available only through our lord and saviour Jesus christ will not spend eternity with Jesus christ when they die. Jesus is the truth. Whitney houston was not a godly woman. Whitney was an immoral debased whore who spat at God in the face but choose worldly pleasures instead. Whitney houston, michael jackson, amy winehouse, princess diana, john lennon are mockers of the gospel of Jesus christ, who refused to repent from their evil, immoral ways. Rot in Whitney houson. That is where you belong.

    • Truewaytobraindeadism – Hypocritical Idiots like you choose worldly pleasures all the time. You're just desperate to believe your better than everybody else. Crawl back nito your Cave you stupid warped Dips**t.

  6. All sinners go to hell except they repent from their sins. Whitney did not make Jesus christ the lord and saviour of her life but spat at God instead. Whitney houston is in hell. These psychics are deceivers and false prophets. They are misleading people. You are going to hell if you reject Jesus christ as your lord and personal saviour irrespective of any religion you profess. You must be born again to go to heaven when you die. Heaven is real. Hell is real.

  7. Stop adoring Whitney houston. Whitney was a good for nothing whore. Rot in hell, Whitney, you are a child of the devil. Whitney loved fame and worldliness but hated the things of God. Whitney is in hell with michael jackson, princess diana, adolph hitler, osama bin laden, amy winehouse, elizabeth taylor, elvis presley, john lennon. They are all in hell now. They are foolish celebrities. To hell with them.

    • You can’t make us stop liking Whitney so stop trying. Michael Jackson was a child of GOD, and Christianity was his religion. Stop trying so hard to make people believe that such good hearted celebrities are in the rotting depths of hell because I know for a fact they are up in heaven enjoying themselves. The only ones in hell are Adolph and Osama, and that is the truth. You aren’t being funny, truthful, or cute. God has a few words for you when you get to your day of judgement. Get yourself together, and in all respectfulness,

  8. Do not listen to false preachers and prophets who say there is no hell. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Choose Jesus christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. You are going to hell if you are not a born again child of God. Jesus is the only way to heaven. All other ways apart from Jesus are false ways that lead to eternal hell and perdition. All sinners go to hell.

  9. Whitney houston's songs did not glorify God, rather they promoted sensual lusts and pssions. Whitney loved life. Whitney did not live her life to glorify God. Whitney was boozing, partying and crazy with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Whitney was a bad example to the christian faith. Whitney is in hell.

    • Most of you so-called Born Again Christians are like that too. Your all Hypocrites, nothing more.

  10. True that Whitney did not live by her Christian faith, but we can not judge where she is, who she met, etc. Amy and Whitney were both self-destructive, and their ways caught up to them. We can remember their music and how it once touched our lives.

  11. Amy was true love. She was the finest celebrity I`ve ever heard about. Just go and watch her interviews. She was so cute and lovely. RIP my dear Angel

  12. yes i do believe she is in hell because she turned away from the gospel cuz she preferred money drugs and yes she promoted LUST ALL SHE did was sing sing and sing this is what people dont see all they wanna see is that she in heaven and she touched our hearts well how in the hell did she touch our hearts what did she do in this life that was so great????? well sorry thats a lie maybe she is in heaven or not we dont know …if she repented and accepted jesus maybe she would be in heaven but i guess theres no way of us knowing that 🙂 i wouldnt want anyone to go to hell not even singers and celebritys but thats not my call 🙁 the entertainment industry is bad but of course me myself included well before dont see it that way …why CUZ THE WORLD HASNT CHANGED ITS THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE CHANGED 🙁 ALOT OF THINGS THAT WE DO OR SEE WE SEE THEM AS NORMAL WHEN THEY R NOT 🙁

  13. General David E Taylor, just confirmed a 9 year old girl saw Whitney Houston in hell, and Michael Jackson has been burning ever since Angelica Zambrano saw him in hell, both Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson will be thrown into the lake of fire and Amy Winehouse is also in hell and will be thrown into the firey lake of burning sulfur for all eternity. Jesus said in Matthew 7:13 "enter through the narrow gate. for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to hell, and many enter through it. but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to heaven, and only a few find it." My friends, dear brothers and sisters, just like Jesus said in Luke 13:23 STRIVE to enter into heaven… Whitney and Michael didn't strive, they were to busy popping pills and working for Satan. Jesus said in John 15, if you don't bear fruit for the kingdom of God, you the (branch) abiding in Jesus (True Vine), led by the Spirit of God and listening to Jesus' voice 24/7 staying faithful until death, your name wont be in the book life. So brethren, don't be deceived, the devil is doing whatever he can to make you miss heaven, Jesus said in John 3:3 you must be born again to go to heaven, are you born again??? May the grace of Jesus be with you!

  14. Why did psychics lie, they were lying Amy Winehouse greeting Whitney Houston in Heaven. This is not true, Amy and Whitney were drug addicts, drunkards and God-haters. These people are in hell, according to the Holy Bible. The Bible says no drunkards nor God-haters will enter heaven. Amy and Whitney did love the world more the God, this is true what the Bible tells us. If Amy and Whitney are not in hell, the bible will be not true. The Bible says very clearly you must be born-again (John 3:3), The Holy Bible does not lie. Winehouse and Houston are not in heaven because were not born-again christians.

    • Go on, keep believing your ridiculous Fantasy. I guess its all you Morons have in order to satisfy your desire to feel superior.

  15. The truth is that if they never accepted Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour while they are still on earth hell is for them because there is only one way to heaven through Jesus christ he is the way the truth and the live.

    there is know repentance beyond the grave, repent now.

  16. The truth is that if they never accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour while they are still on earth hell is for them, because there is only one way to heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ, he is the way the truth and the live.

    there is no repentance beyond the grave. REPENT NOW YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE.

  17. Whintney Houston is in Heaven with Jesus and her song 'I look to you' was to Jesus. Kat Kerr saw her in heaven. Kat kerr is the author of the book 'revealing heaven' and she goes to heaven frequently through the power of the Holy Spirit. Elvis Presley is also in heaven. They both accepted Jesus before they died. Unfortunately i'm not to certain about Micheal Jackson

    • my dear, Kat Kerr is a liar!
      Search for Linda Ngaujah [From SIERRA LEONE] – YouTube. Linda claims Whitney is in hell while Kat said she's in heaven, who is lying?
      Kat knows too much about God, bible and life/universe…even MORE than Solomon. No one in Earth right now knows what Kat knows, therefore proving she's a liar.
      Why would Jesus personally take her to heaven 24/7?
      Jesus is telling us ALL to make disciples and save souls! What is she doing? getting people excited about heaven.

      Also if Jesus took her to heaven for free, why is she making money out of her books!????
      Also if Whitney's last music was dedicated to Jesus…why didn't she mention his name publicity? As Jesus said anyone who denies me I will disown them and anyone who publicity announces me I will announce them before my father.

      Please use the bible to break down ALL of Kat's claims and prove if she's a liar or not.

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