TOKYO – The indefatigable Dr. Taxi  of WWN Japan is going around the world in 80 hours!
WWN’s very own Dr. Taxi is heading around the globe in an effort to set record for circumnavigating the world!  WWN is confident he will succeed.
Dr. Taxi is a unique, enthusiastic and bat boy crazy man!  A picture of
Dr. Taxi is not available at this time. But we do have a picture of the Japanese Law Enforcement Agent, Yuko Arashi, who is accompanying Dr. Taxi on his trip:

One lap of the earth is 25,000 miles.  If Dr. Taxi flies at 560 miles  per an hour, he can go around the passenger plane  in  approximately.45 hours.
“That leaves me  40 hours for sightseeing,” Dr. Taxi said.
Here’s Dr. Taxi’s hand-picked flight attendant crew – that will also be accompanying him:

Dr. Taxi’s route:  Tokyo to Shanghai to  Moscow to Dusseldorf to  Zurich to New York to Los Angeles and ending in Tokyo.
Dr. Taxi arrives  in New York at 1:00 on the afternoon of June 14.  New Yorkers:  hide your mutants and aliens!
Even though Yuko Arashi is protecting Dr. Taxi, to outsiders she is considered very dangerous.  So don’t get too close.
WWN is very proud of Dr. Taxi and will be celebrating his world record in Manhattan with Bat Boy in the very near future!
And check out Weekly World News Japan!

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