SYDNEY –  Thousands of  rabid rats were found on a Qantas plane.  Twelve passengers were killed.
Authorities determined that the rats were in a  compartment holding medical equipment,  They escaped and then attacked passengers – killing twelve.

The rodents were found in every part of the plane – the flight attendants galley, First Class, Coach, and even in the cockpit.  One of the victims killed by the rats was the pilot, Captain Darryl Woozer.
Passengers tried to fight off the rats as best they could but there were just too many of them.  “I pulled off my seat and used it as a battering ram against the rats,” said passenger Abigail Montrose.  “But I couldn’t stop them, they kept coming.  My husband was bitten about seventy times, but luckily he survived.”

She did kill a few of the rats.  Here’s one of Abigail’s rat kills:

A Qantas spokeswoman called the incident “very unusual.”  She declined to be named, citing policy.
But Randy O’Brien  of the Transportation Workers Union told WWN that members have had concerns about flying again on Qantas flights.  They fear that rats have target the airline.
A Qantas spokeswoman denied that was the case. “This is a very irregular occurrence,” she said.  “We doubt passengers will be bitten by rats any time soon.”
Qantas, Australia’s national carrier, has experienced a series of troubles in recent months, including an engine explosion and forced landings.
American authorities are looking into the incident.  The FAA wants to ensure that no rat attacks will occur on flights originating in America.  “We’ve already had a snake problem and an alligator problem on flights,” said FAA representative Cindy Sharlin, “we don’t want a rat problem too.”

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  1. Has WWN had a chance to speak with any of the rats yet to determine if there is a rogue group of them targeting this airline?


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