ISRAEL –  Parents have named their newborn son – “Like.”
Facebook is spawning an epidemic of FB baby naming.  We now have our second report of the inspiration for a newborn’s name being drawn from Mark Zuckerberg’s own baby.
First there was the Egyptian infant who was named “Facebook,” and now an Israeli child faces enduring adolescence with the name “Like.” Yes, that Like, as in the little hand with the thumbs-up, constantly approving of photos of your niece, your friends gig at the coffee shop and your girlfriend’s cat.

Like is the latest addition to the family of Lior and Vardit Adler. Father Lior says he was simply looking for a unique name and had considered some Chinese names, but settled on Like because, well, his wife liked the sound of it.
They first thought they’d name him “Status Update” or just “Friend” but they settled on “Like.”

The Adler’s also have a child named Pie.
Names chosen for children in the year 2000 as seen in US Social Security records included “Infiniti”, the model name of a US brand car, “Celica”, which is the name of a Toyota sports car, the luxury brand Armani, clothing brands Timberland and  Nautica, cosmetics brand L’Oreal and food brand Del Monte.
Two families each decided to name their sons ESPN after the sports cable channel, a WTOP.com staffer had “talked with teen girls named Nonchalant and Unnecessary” and another WTOP.com staffer had “even heard of one named Syphilis.”
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  1. For real, there is a black . . . uh . . . African-American girl named Pajama.
    It is pronounced Pa-Ja-May.
    For real, not kidding, really true.
    This site is great. Especially like how you trumped . . . uh . . . trumpeted . . . uh . . . strumpeted . . . Trump's coming election as a French replacement for Ag-Ga Khan and So Cozy.


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