We want to extend the Easter holiday and it’s good vibes just a little longer …
And if that’s a crime – then we are guilty as charged. Easter is always a wonderful time. You get to spend time with family, give thanks to your many blessings and for some it means an extended weekend. And if we’re really lucky – we are blessed with some beautiful weather (like this year). All of those things add up to create some incredibly positive and happy feelings.
Well we here at Weekly World News don’t want to let all of that go just yet. Just because it’s Monday and Easter has come and gone, doesn’t mean we can’t extend that positivity for just a bit longer.
We are launching a special Weekly World News Post-Easter special at our online store. Enter the code 22ES73 and you’ll receive 20% off your entire order (minimum $20 order)!!! That’s an incredible deal that we feel overjoyed to be sharing with you. So don’t wait and go ahead and get that Bat Boy Bobble that you’ve been always wanting!

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