WASHINGTON –  A new book reveals that Abraham Lincoln slept with men in his bed in the White House.
There was more to Abraham Lincoln than we were ever taught in history class or were able to read in a book.
Thanks to porn king Larry Flynt, we can read all the sordid details because according to him, the lives of the nation’s past presidents, including Honest Abe, were governed by sex.

In his new book One Nation under Sex, Flynt takes an up-close-and-personal look at the sex lives of the Founding Fathers and beyond.
He told WWN: ‘There’s been a lot left out of history books, and we wanted to be more inclusive. For 35 years I’ve been exposing corrupt politicians, and I wanted to know if our Founding Fathers had the same follies or not.  Abraham Lincoln was the kinkiest of them all.”
Lincoln started sleeping with men when he lived in this log cabin:

But his biggest revelation is that Abe Lincoln liked to share beds with men.  “He would sleep with a different member of his cabinet every night.  That’s really what happened in what is now known as The Lincoln Bedroom.”
Flynt doesn’t have evidence that Lincoln had sex with all of these men, “but you can draw your own conclusions.  He loved sleeping with men and White House records show that he slept with men, more than he slept with his wife.”
Flynt teamed up with Columbia University lecturer Robert Makenbach to write his book, in order to give it some credibility.
Makenbach said: ‘I knew no one would read a historical book by a pornographer so I brought him in for the credibility.’
Makenbach said that many academics scorn books written for public consumption and certainly those dealing with sex lives, :so I knew this wouldn’t help my career,’ he admits. ‘But there’s more to life than tenure.  And the things that went on in Abe Lincoln’s bedroom makes for great reading!”,
Flynt and Makenbach were disappointed that historians have mostly whitewashed the Founding Fathers when it comes to spreading the word about their personal sexploits.
They researched and sourced the material over several years from sources including the National Archives, the Woodrow Wilson papers at Princeton, and the Roosevelt and other presidential libraries.  Here’s some of the other juicy tidbits they found out:
— Founding Father Ben Franklin helped save the American Revolution by seducing French women
— Dolley Madison (wife of fourth U.S. President James Madison) had affairs with numerous other lovers
— Fifteenth President James Buchanan’s gay love affair with a slave owner was a boon for secessionists
— Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor’s lesbian affairs spurred her on to become a crusader for equal rights
— Jimmy Carter like to dress up in a Teddy Bear costume when he had sex
— George Bush often masturbated in the Oval Office.

Flynt will begin the book tour this month but said he has his eye very much on the next election cycle: “I have some great sex secrets about President Obama and I’m eager to reveal them to the nation!

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  1. yep, 0bamas idol slept with men. too funny. if 0bama claims he wants Lincoln to be his role model then 0bama should be put on a three dollar bill


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