GOMA, CONGO – A new form of volcanic tourism has sprung up where visitors go inside.
Mother Nature has always been a source of wonder for man since the dawn of time. Taming animals, controlling fire and finding ways to predict catastrophes have all been a source of study for mankind for hundreds of years. Nowadays most people do not want to study or think; they just want to look at things and be told what to think. Annually, tens of thousands of people take tours of regions of which they know nothing. And now the most intense form of tourism has just hit the market, interior volcanic tourism.
Near the city of Goma in Democratic Republic of Congo is the volcano known as Nyiragongo. Few scientists have been able to study this volcano due to the continued warfare in the region but recently volcanologists Dario Tedesco and Ken Sims were able to enter this volcanic monster which is one of the most active on the planet. Since entering, Tedesco and Sims have been able walk about and explore the interior in various locations capturing some amazing images.

Upon hearing of the ability to enter Nyiragongo, Billionaire, Thurston Billingsly IV, decided to start-up his most recent venture of interior volcanic tourism. This new type of extreme tourism that Billingsly has developed is sure to attract the most intense risk takers in the world. Volcanic tourism is nothing new, but never before has the tourism industry ventured inside these fiery wonders. The price of admission is currently only geared to wards the very wealthy at $3,000 dollars per guest for a three-hour tour. The main bulk of the cost is consumed by insurance coverage. Guests of course still have to sign hundreds of waivers in order to be able to enter the volcano but that has not stopped several celebrities, past and present, from signing up for this hot tour. Some celebrities that have already signed up for the tour are Even Rachel Wood, Sandra Bullock, Ralph Macchio, William Shatner, and of course Charlie Sheen.

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  1. I will pay for these people to tour an active volcano:
    The guy in the Geico commercials,
    The woman in the Progressive insurance commercials.

  2. I wonder if volcanic eruptions aftermath examinations and earthquakes can prove convincing knowledge of Yin'Yang electromagnetic energies to roam the earth from the north pole to the south including the nautic compass, and in its severe orderly fashions!


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