OSAKA – The first ever Robot Marathon is underway in Japan!
The world’s first Robot Marathon got under way in Osaka, Japan, today with five competitors trying to better each other over the full distance course.
Each runner is just 12 inches tall but they will still be required to power round the 100m track 420 times to reach the marathon distance of 26 miles .
They are expected to finish on Sunday.

Japanese robot maker and event organiser Vstone says the event will demonstrate the machines’ durability and maneuverability.
Vstone’s robots surged into an early lead, trailed by two entrants from Osaka University of Engineering who faltered in the early stages of the race.
In practice last week one was even seen picking itself off the ground after a fall.

Along the marathon route, there will be robots “cheering” from the sidelines.  Other robots will be handing out cups of grease that the competing robots will pour over their heads.
There will also be a Robot Band playing on the sidelines – to keep the robots from getting bored.

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5 thoughts on “ROBOT MARATHON”

  1. Robot technology is good, we can have more time spending our leisure time and rest when robots work for us ,of course, if you saw the movie IROBOT, there are laws that governs the actions of these machines so no need to worry, if they will fight against man after many years that's okay, we will also be like in the movie MATRIX. Isn't that great! We will live in total disaster, but we cannot hold the development of science and physics, we'll have to wait for the advancement of these technologies, it would be a long way of time, I guess I'll be dead that time :D.

    • The version of I,Robot that I saw had the main computer as the megavillian. It had the same 3 "laws" hardwired into it as the robots, but it somehow evolved past them.

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