Valentine’s Day is fast approaching … Weekly World News has got you covered!
This Valentine’s Day is going to be the one that put you in his or her record book. No more of this flowers, chocolates, video games non-sense. Been there – done that! It’s time to bring in the big guns and really blow your loved one away.
Weekly World News is offering an incredible Valentine’s Day Subscription special! For an incredibly low price – you’ll receive two of our digital subscriptions. You’ll not only bring joy, happiness, love (basically any positive emotion) to your special someone, but you’ll also provide yourself with some gratification.
Which leads us to our next point. This Valentine’s Day isn’t only going to be about him or her. There’s going to be a little “you” time mixed in there as well. Because we here at Weekly World News believe it’s a two-way street. You deserve a pat on the back and an incredibly awesome digital subscription to go along with your efforts.
So buck up – this Valentine’s Day is certainly looking up. Act fast and order your Valentine’s Day Subscription today and watch yourself become a legend on this day.
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