Judgement day is rapidly approaching for Facebook. Fear not – WWN has alternatives to pass the time with!
No more status updates? No more commenting on photos? No more stalking your past love interests? With Facebook ending on March 15th, free-time should surely become an abundant commodity for many individuals. So abundant that it could potentially be devastating and damaging for many as a new routine will surely need to be devised. Boredom is sure to grip the nation and we will not stand by and let this happen. Weekly World News is stepping in and helping you fill your upcoming free-time.
Perhaps you could catch up on some reading? Bat Boy’s new book – “Going Mutant” – is a hot item and it’ll help you learn everything you need to know about America’s favorite mutant.
We also have a wonderful Bat Boy Bobblehead available. What better way to spend your time than flicking your bobble and staring at Bat Boy’s beautiful mug.
Long story short, fear not – boredom will not overtake you. The Weekly World News Online Store has numerous options to keep you entertained and laughing for days.


  1. i hate this.. why?? many people are just enjoying their free time with fb.. why does it have to end?? i cant believe this.. long-lost people can be seen here.. we can catch of whats news.. my gosh.. this is the life of others. without this.. life so boring.. u know that?? T_T .. no way..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • People who can't live without facebook are pathetic and either were born 6 years ago, or they completely forgot what life was like before facebook even existed. Facebook ending would not be the end of the world. I'd be more concerned about America collapsing as a country than facebook ending.

  2. OMG this is a load of fkin' shit!!! If fb does end then I won't be able to keep in touch with my worldwide friends and my boyfriend who lives in america, whilst I live in the UK and I am unable to see him. If Zuckerberg (or however you spell it) was closing it, he would've announced on facebook

  3. Nonesense people fb is NOT shutting down .. do not believe the pervert that wrote this… just a sick ignored person over fb who is gettin revenge spreading rumors

  4. FINALLY! People will stop repeatedly asking me if I have Facebook! Its got quite a horrible security system. I have played para-dice's game with many a person.


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