HACKENSACK –  The blizzard attracts The Abominable Snowman to New Jersey!
The Yeti, commonly referred to as The Abominable Snowman, is normally thought to inhabit the mountainous regions of Asia. However, but due to Snowpocalypse the Yeti has come to Hackensack, New Jersey.
Many speculate that the species left its native Asia years ago due to humans encroaching on its territory and has since traveled across the Bering Strait seeking refuge in North America. Sightings, until now, have been seen as far east as Redwater, Canada.
“It is a popular misconception that there is only one yeti. The same misconception is applied to bigfoot,” explains renowned cryptozoologist Dr. Simon Higenbottom. “How would we be able to have continued sightings if there was only one?”
Dr. Higenbottom further confirmed that not only do many yetis exist but that their mating season is in the fall and winter as well.
The conditions of today’s blizzard are the ideal environments for the yeti mating rituals as the yeti relies on its sense of smell to find other yeti. The high winds associated with a blizzard aid the yeti in finding a suitable mate.
Bill Hunter, of Hackensack, happened to be at the right place at just the right time to capture this picture of the ever allusive yeti mating ritual.

“It was the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The sound was terribly disturbing and the smell, it was, it was…sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little from thinking about that putrid smell,” stated Mr. Hunter.

Dr. Higenbottom will be interviewing Mr. Hunter and several others who were lucky enough to witness the mating of the yeti to help further his studies. Higenbottom hopes to have a paper published on the mating rituals of the yeti in the journal Cryptozoology Today in the coming months.
There’s Yeti Love in New Jersey!
[PHOTOS taken by BOY  MACK]

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