ARGENTINA – The appearance of The Albino Tree has citizens of Argentina, and the world, hopeful for 2011.
Every thirty-three years, since the late 1800s, The Albino Tree  (El árbol de Albino) has appeared after Christmas in the Valdivian Forest of Argentina.  This has always signified a rebirth for the citizens of Argentina – and the world.
“When The Albino Tree appears, Argentinians of all ages make a pilgrimage to see it.  It usually lasts only 12 days and everyone wants to see it and touch it.  It has healing powers,”  said Lorenzo Raimundo a top Argentinian botanist and spiritual healer.
There are already long lines at airports and bus stations in Argentina for people waiting to see The Albino tree.

The miraculous appearance of The Albino Tree also attracts reindeer to the forest, and the tree.  “There are never any reindeer in this forest, but when The Albino Tree appears, they appear in large numbers.  The tree is magical and gives our people hope,” said Raimundo.
This is what a normal tree in the Valdivian forest looks like:

There are naysayers who think the appearance of The Albino Tree is just a natural occurrence and is not a “miracle.”
However, Swedish supermodel, Anna Hofverberg, went to Argentina with a delegation of top runway models from Europe.  Hofverberg, who took the picture at the top of this article, said “The Albino Tree does have healing powers, it’s made us all feel better about the world, the future and tree bark.  Anyone who sees The Albino Tree knows that they are in the presence of a great healing power, there is nothing like it in this world.”
The popular President of The Argentine Republic, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, joined the stunning Hofverberg in a ceremonial “touching of the tree” and afterwards handed out dark chocolates and wheat beer to all the “pilgrims” that had gathered around the tree.
“I touched the tree and my broken wrist was immediately healed,” said one pilgrim from Buenos Aires.  “I was blind, but now I can see.  And I see unicorns everywhere,” said Maria Cortina from Cordoba.   “I can play the piano now,” said Miguel Herrara.  “I didn’t know how to play before I touched the tree, but now I can play everything from Bach to Lady Gaga.”
The Albino Tree can be seen until January 6th, after that… you’ll have to wait another thirty-three years.  So go get healed!

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  1. Well I hate to break it to ya but I am fairly certain that trees can't be albino. White trees exist though! Another thing is that reindeer don't live in the southern hemisphere. At all. One other thing, I'm pretty sure your picture of a "normal tree" has a gunman in it. I hereby declare this article totally false.


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