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US Navy Captures Lake Michigan Monster

The US Navy captured a 140-foot monster in Lake Michigan on September 16 and a secret Pentagon photograph proves it!

The picture clearly shows a pair of Navy divers cautiously approaching the beast just minutes after it was immobilized in a gigantic steel net.
And while it is not yet known what the Navy plans to do with the monster, sources say that every effort will be made to keep it alive while researchers try to figure out what it is, how it got into Lake Michigan and if there are more like it.
“I don’t want to sound like a gawking tourist but the Loch Ness monster is nothing, and I do mean nothing, compared to this, “declared marine biologist Richard Clarke, who cited Pentagon sources and documents when he blew the lid off the capture of the beast at a news conference in Washington, DC.
“The Navy spent six months trying to capture this thing,” he continued, “and the big question now is what the hell did they catch? The monster looks like a dinosaur but there are several important distinctions.
“For one thing, dinosaurs were exceedingly stupid but this lake monster apparently has an intelligence rivaling that of a dog or a horse. It also has lungs and gills, which enable it to breathe in or out of water at will.
“One of the more intriguing aspects of this case is why nobody has reported seeing the monster before, he added. “Then again, people may have seen it but were too embarrassed or afraid to talk.”
Pentagon and Navy spokesmen declined to discuss Clarke’s report, but in a puzzling concession to repeated and often angry questioning from newsmen, explained that they were unable to comment because “national security interests may be at stake.”
The expert himself said he got his information from Pentagon sources. According to the documents, Navy vessels sighted the monster while on a training mission in Lake Michigan late last spring. As a matter of routine, they scanned the area with sonar and confirmed the presence of “a large moving object, identity unknown.”
Portions of the report had been deleted by Pentagon censors before Clarke obtained a copy for himself. But the documents clearly stated that the Navy tracked the “object” for 72 hours before it surfaced three miles west of South Fox Island in the north central sector of the lake.
“Additional vessels and divers were dispatched from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center to continue tracking the creature and within six weeks, the Navy was secretly dragging an unspecified area of the lake with a massive steel net,” said Clarke.
“The monster eluded capture until September 16. My sources say it is now being held in an underwater cage while the Pentagon and Navy decide what to do with it.”
The monster weighs an estimated 35 tons and is said to be easting as much as a ton of raw fish and meat a day, said the expert. There was initially some concern that the creature would struggle free of the net.
But it calmed down considerably after Navy divers dosed it with massive quantities of a powerful animal tranquilizer and is now resting comfortable on the bottom of the lake.
“The monster’s head is as big as a station wagon and the sharp, white fangs in its mouth would seem to answer a lot of questions about its heritage and temperament, which are being described as ‘prehistoric and foul’,” said Dr. Clarke.
“The Pentagon is definitely trying to keep a lid on this,” he added. “But a story of this magnitude can’t be kept under wraps forever.”

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18 thoughts on “US Navy Captures Lake Michigan Monster”

  1. This is so fake! The navy doesn't even dress like that! It is truly amazing what you can do with photoshop. You're all idiots if you believe this!

    • Your and Idiot for thinking that was the picture posted for the article! LOL of course this picture is a fake it is meant to mislead your ass! LOL and look like it did!

  2. " Sweeney Todd says:
    September 17th, 2008 at 6:18 pm
    This is so fake! The navy doesn’t even dress like that! It is truly amazing what you can do with photoshop. You’re all idiots if you believe this! "
    Or are YOU the idiot for posting that comment on an obvious spoof website. No s***?

  3. This creature is responsible for so many people in Chicago dissapearing while walking near Lake Michigan. It appears to be part giant squid, and has several long arms, with poisonous snake heads attached on each arm. The creature's head looks like a T Rex dinorsaur head and has dagger like six inch long teeth. Many students at Loyola University's north Lake Shore campus spoted the creature swimming near the beach, but the University soon closed the beach, problaby at the request of the Federal Authorities. A woman who was a Chicago Policeman who was training in Laek Michigan was grabed by the creature, and held underwater, which caused her to have an heart attack, back in 2007. But the top secret autopsy showed that the officer had been beaten and injected with a strange posion. Of course the newspapers could only print that something caused her to have a heart attack. But please remember that this female creature has a male counter part who is twice as big.

  4. to "sweeney todd" you're an idiot… the navy DOES dress this way you moron. it's called a SAR swimmer. and yes i do know that for sure. but yes, this is definately a fake photo. what do expect the navy to dive in anyway? there dress whites? idiot.

  5. wow anyone who thinks this pic is real is a total IDIOT iv'e seen that photo on google but with no person in it …DUH they can photoshop so easily these days


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