WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will appear on tonight’s episode of Mythbusters.

In tonight’s episode, the show’s hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, will try to prove that Obama is not a Muslim and that he was born in the United States.

We received a personal call from President Obama, asking them to come to the White House,” said Adam Savage, one of the show’s myth-busting hosts. “He wanted us to solve a problem that has been bugging him for a long time.”

A White House spokesman said that Obama asked the Mythbusters to “prove to the American people that he is not a Muslim, and that he was red blooded American just like everybody else.”

Some Americans believe that president Obama was born in Africa, and that he forged his birth certificate so that he could run for President of the United States. Others have criticized Obama for lying about his religion. Over 65% of Americans believe that Obama is actually a Muslim, not a Christian.

“Honestly, this was one of the hardest episodes we’ve ever had to shoot,” said Adam Savage, one of the show’s two hosts. “We had to search through pages and pages of documents to try to prove that Obama isn’t a Muslim. It was grueling. I’m not even sure we did a good enough job.”

Representatives from the MythBusters show said that the hosts spent weeks trying to find proof that Obama wasn’t a Muslim. They even traveled to Kenya, the birthplace of Obama’s father, to look for evidence.

“We started this project months ago,” said Jamie Hyneman, “but we wouldn’t air it until tonight because we had so much research to do. We were so busy we didn’t even get to blow anything up!”

The show’s producers refused to tell the Weekly World News whether or not the myth was busted.

“That’s just something you’re going to have to see for yourself,” said Peter Rees, the creator of MythBusters. “But I can promise you this: the result will shock you.”

But some White House officials are fearful that the episode might portray President Obama in a negative light. Now they’re asking Discover Channel to pull the episode and air something else.

“Whether Obama is a Muslim or not isn’t important,” said Hilary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State. “What is important is that this episode never airs! It’s too damaging, even for Obama!”

In preparation for widespread controversy, the producers of MythBusters chose to shoot an alternate “myth” in which he asks Adam and Jamie to debunk the story that Greek mathematician Archimedes set fire to an invading ship by using a system of mirror’s to reflect the rays of the sun.

“If the White House decides to pull the original footage, we’re going to air this one instead,” said Rees. “You’ll just have to wait for tonight and see for yourself.”

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  1. Mr Obama is not a fan. Adam and Jamie already proof that Archimedes solar ray is false. What the President is trying to do is to built a large mirror to confuse aliens which are comming soon.

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