HOLLYWOOD – Kim Kardashian is pregnant and Kanye West is the father!

Yup, it’s true.   Kim’s preggers and Kanye is the baby Daddy.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have never officially dated, but they have been friends for a long time, and that’s why Kanye filmed some scenes for her TV show in October.

Kanye and Kim

WWN’s Frank Lake spoke with a person VERY, VERY CLOSE to Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian)  this evening and confirmed that Kim is PREGNANT!!
“Kim has been seeing Kanye off and on for years now. But this summer, they hooked up five or six times and… well, there’s a little K on the way.”

Kanye told her that he didn’t want anything serious, but Kim really likes him.”  And now, according to the VERY VERY close insider, Kim Kardashian is PREGNANT.

“Kim is being very secretive about everything. She calls him almost non-stop and wants to know what she should do.”

According to people close to Kim and the Kardashians, the main reason Kim hooked-up with Kanye is because his name begins with a K.  “If he didn’t have a K name, he wouldn’t fit in the family,” said Khloe.

There are other newsreports calling Kim’s pregnancy a rumor, but it is the truth.  The baby is expected at the end of March, 2011.

Taylor Swift has sent her best regards to Kanye and is currently penning a song for the baby.

Kanye West has not been seen since the announcement.  But maybe he’ll be in The Good Life now.   Listening to the opening lyrics.  Hear those “mamma” references.  Oh yeah, you do….


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  1. Don't be jealous because you are not like him, you know you wish you were self centered. You want to be arrogant but you can't because you got nothing going on for you. OOOps, did I say that???


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