CHICAGO – Nurses in a maternity ward were knocked off their feet when they heard an unborn baby rapping  – in his mother’s womb!

“I would never have believed it if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears,” added Agnes Couperin, a nurses’ aide in a private hospital northwest of Chicago.

“I had just prepared the patient for an acoustic procedure that enables mothers-to-be to hear the heartbeat and the other little gurgles their unborn babies make in the womb.

“As soon as I turned on the amplifier, the sound of a rapper reverberated in the examining room. At first, I thought someone had turned on a radio.  But the amplifier clearly showed that the rapping had to be coming from the patient’s tummy.

“I don’t know much about hip-hop or rap,  but the little boy could throw down as good as Eminem or Lil’ Wayne, that’s a fact.  One of the other nurses who was there said he thought the boy was rapping “Not Afraid” – Eminem’s latest hit.

“All I know is it was clear as a bell and the rhymes were the best I’ve ever heard.  The language was a little R-rated, but it was the best raps I’ve ever heard.”

The only ones not surprised at the incredible crooning fetus are the parents, who are identified only as Donovan and Jamila  They said their unborn pride dan joy began rapping in the womb six months after she was conceived.

“it’s a miracle… a gift from God which we accept with humility and gratitude,” said Donovan a professional musician whose father sang with The Temptations.

“Jamila and I are hip-hop fans.  We play Beyonce and Jay-Z  night and day at full volume.  It’s no wonder our unborn baby has already acquired our love for opera.

“We both cried with utter joy and happiness when, lying in bed one night, we first heard that small voice rapping, Forget About Dre.

“In the beginning, I had to put my head to Angela’s belly to heard her the rap clearly. Now we can hear my son’s raps can be heard clear across the room.

Jamila explained that when not listening to Kanye West and other  rap artists, she and Donovan are singing or humming R&B tunes.

“It’s only natural that our little baby has followed suit,” shad added.  “In fact, we went to a psychologist, who tells us it’s common for children tolerant and retain words and sons, they hear while in the womb.”

Sound experts have listened to the singing fetus and have confirmed that no ventriloquism, tape recordings or any kind of trickeration is involved.

The quality of the son’s voice is extremely high, declared an acoustics expert asked not be identified.  But I detected an occasional gurgle between breaths. Doctors tell me that’s probably because the wombs is filled with fluid.  “That makes the fetus sound, at times , ass though he’s using auto-tune.

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