JACKSONVILLE, FL – Another mascot steals the show from his own team!
More often than not, a mascot takes a backseat to his own team. However, there are a few rare instances when a mascot is the highlight of a game. Such was the case last week with Ohio University’s mascot. Another mascot decided to join the fun and outshine his own team. That mascot was Jaxson de Ville during his Jacksonville Jaguars’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles.
The Eagles came into to town yesterday and gave the Jaguars way more than they could handle. As the game came to an end, the final scoreboard read 28-3 as the Eagles dominated every facet of the game. The home crowd didn’t have much to smile about and the best part of the game happened perhaps before any play actually took place.
Jaxson de Ville provided the very noticeably empty stadium the one home team highlight for the day. Before the game commenced, de Ville bungee jumped from a lighting tower at EverBank Stadium.
This little stunt is certainly not going to drive attendance up, but it definitely raised the bar for other mascots of the NFL.

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  1. The stands look empty because Jaxson comes out about 15 min before player introductions/national anthem. The Jags have not had any of their games blacked out this year and ticket sales are on track keep all of our games from being blacked out. The only game that is a concern is when Oakland comes to town.


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