BOISE, ID – One team is going to extreme lengths to prepare for its game on Saturday!
Football season has completely engulfed the nation. The NFL already has its share of controversy, speculation and rumors. College football – considered by many to be better than the NFL – is also in full swing. Every game means so much to each individual school. Lose one game and you can essentially kiss any chance of a national championship goodbye. That’s why preparation for every game is of the utmost importance.
No school is embodying that concept more right now than Oregon State. The Beavers are currently ranked 24 in the nation and they are gearing up for a showdown in Boise with the Boise State Broncos. The Broncos find themselves ranked 3 in the nation. While their stellar play has finally gotten them some national recognition, the school has always been known for their unusual home field. The Broncos play on blue turf, the only non-green football field in Division 1 college football.

The field itself is loud and coupled with the boisterous crowd that shows up at every game, playing at Bronco Stadium is difficult. That’s why the Beavers have taken a new approach to their preparation. They have gone ahead and painted their practice field blue to get an early feel for playing at Boise State.
When every game matters so much … there’s no limit to what one school will do to win.

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