LAREDO, TX – Texas lawmakers have confirmed that Terror Babies are crawling across the border and heading for… you!
Texas Republican  Louie Gohmert confirmed last night on Anderson Cooper 360° that babies, all under the age of 1, are crossing the Mexican border, crawling into Texas and terrorizing local citizens – and America.
A FBI agent, Pete Ramsey, confirmed that a new baby terrorist cell has formed and they’ve figured out ways to game the American system.  “The babies know that we are looking for adults, teenagers and, generally, human beings over the age of 5.  They know that they can just crawl past us and we wouldn’t even give them a second look… but not anymore.  Now we’re on to those little buggers. We’ll nail them, damn right we will!”
Another Texas lawmaker, Debbie Riddle, came on Anderson Cooper’s show. The Republican member of the Texas State Legislature said her office is getting up-to-the-minute reports on the terror babies from former FBI officials. The Terror Baby cell has been active since December of 2009, when most of the terrorists were born.  These babies were born in the United States and Mexico – and have teamed up to terrorize adults in both countries. They scream, belch, and poop – everywhere.. And they do when you’re least expecting it.
Laredo residents have been taking extra precautions – when they see a baby crawling on a dirt road, they ignore him or her.  “Usually, if I saw a baby, or group of babies, crawling around by themselves, my natural instinct is to go over there and help the little fellas out, but not now.  No, sir.  I’m staying far away from them varmints.”
Some people confuse the Terror Babies with the recent news about “birth tourism” or “anchor babies” – which is when undocumented citizens have their babies in the United States and the babies immediately become U.S. citizens.
There have been sightings of terror babies as far north as Kentucky, where several horse ranchers said the babies crawled into their stables and stole some horses. A few babies crawled into a farmhouse and tried to breastfeed off a woman in her thirties.  She’s recovering now in a Lexington Hospital.
There was one baby, six-month-old Little Charlie, who was apprehended by Kentucky authorities.  “We haven’t been able to get much out of him.  All he keeps saying is goo-goo, gaa-gaa.  But, we’ll break him. Count on it,” said Officer Skip Perkins.
How many Terror Babies are in the U.S.?  FBI agents say it’s hard to tell… but there may be over 50,000 in the Southwest alone.  Do not approach theses babies!  They aren’t armed, but they can be extremely dangerous, especially if they haven’t been changed in a while.
Beware the Babies!!!

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  1. It is amazing how many people discount information that can and does come out of the woodwork of various agencies of our government like the FBI. Of course, the information is always denied yet years later, many reports have credibility. Why are people so ready to try and make a fool of Texas legislator Louie Gohmert? Because he is seen as a "hick" Texan like LBJ was viewed by the Kennedys or maybe just because he is a Republican. Without any report, it is not unreasonable to believe that Islamists are trying every way possible to start terror cells in the USA. It seems that many people in this country have lost all common sense and reporters (I use the term loosely) like Anderson Cooper try to make fools of those whose only interest is to standup and protect our citizens. I guess the info out of Mexico is also "untrue" that Muslims are gaining a foothold in Mexico with new converts too, uh? Liberal wackos are promoted as ccmpetent genius but conservative is always put down as "dummies".

    • Its ok if ben quayle throws a job at obama but when you read this:
      "There was one baby, six-month-old Little Charlie, who was apprehended by Kentucky authorities. “We haven’t been able to get much out of him. All he keeps saying is goo-goo, gaa-gaa. But, we’ll break him. Count on it,” said Officer Skip Perkins."
      Thats child abuse–this guy should have a robotic child!

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