NEW YORK, NY – The Knicks have made another questionable move – considering what they passed up!
The summer of 2010 was supposed to be the New York Knicks’ summer. Knicks fan were dreaming of a star studded roster headlined by LeBron James and a return to prominence. Those dreams were quickly shattered and the Knicks settled for their plan D – Amar’e Stoudemire. Regardless, there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel and that light is Isiah Thomas (sarcasm).
Thomas has been hired by the Knicks organization as a consultant and the move has been met with more negativity than anything else. The move brought back so many bad memories that it almost drove Knicks’ president Donnie Walsh to quit.
“Donnie finds this entire thing distasteful,” said one NBA source. “He’s had second thoughts about staying but he wants to finish the job.”
Knicks fans were rocked hard by the news on Friday – thanks in large part to his horrendous track record with the organization, both on and off the court. The news was even more upsetting due to the fact that the Knicks passed up on PhD Ape for the role of consultant.
Weekly World News did some serious investigative work and what it uncovered was seriously shocking.
PhD Ape has been a rock of wisdom and guiding force for many individuals throughout his career as therapist and consultant, that it sparked the interest of the Knicks. The two parties commenced communication in regards to creating a situation where PhD Ape could bring some sanity and stability to a shaky organization. The marriage seemed all but complete until Isiah Thomas stepped into the picture.
“Sure I’m upset about how the situation resolved itself, but I can’t say anything negative about it all,” PhD Ape told WWN. “I’ve always been a huge NBA fan and have been rooting for the Knicks for decades now. I’m just thankful that I was considered for the position and perhaps this marriage could work at some point down the road.”
A true symbol of class and poise.
It seemed as though when Thomas heard of the whole situation, he reached out to Knicks’ owner Jim Dolan. Thomas pulled on those strings in Dolan’s heart and was able to sway the owner to give him the opportunity. Thomas has said he has no intentions of climbing the corporate ladder or going after the GM position – at least for now. Regardless, Thomas did some behind the scenes work and pulled the rug right out from under PhD Ape.

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  1. Hey Kent, you need to brush up on your Weekly World News trivia – PhD Ape is the know it all, wise beyond his years, therapist to the stars – On a side note, Isiah has rescinded, does that mean PhD Ape is back in the running???


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