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God Fires Warning Shots

Patra, Greece – An angry God fired two warning shots at a suburb of Patra, Greece, the Southeastern European nation’s third largest urban center.
There is no consensus as to why God decided to direct his ire on Greece’s “Gateway to the West,” or what His actual grievance is, but theologists are working around the clock to solve the mystery.
“Attacks from the Heavens usually come in the form of raining frogs, burning bushes, locusts… that sort of thing.”  Miraculously, nobody was hurt with the heavenly missiles, as most of the citizens were on the other side of town watching a soccer match.

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4 thoughts on “God Fires Warning Shots”

  1. If this were true, it wouldn't be miraculous that no one was hurt, because God would know exactly where everyone was and would intend for them to only be warnings. :p God could hit people if he wanted to, assuming he was real and this article were true. :p

    • Whoever was hit probably got erased from existance or at the very least got removed from human memory.

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