CORAL SPRINGS, FL – One woman used religion to help thwart a would be robber!
Nayara Goncalves is a Christian woman who believes very strongly in her faith. Her faith is so strong that she was able to instill some of her beliefs on a robber, who left her store a rescued soul. When the robber drew a gun and threatened her, Goncalves proceeded to tell the man very calmly that God had better plans for him. She also got him to sheepishly promise that he would go back to church and turn his life around.
“I said I know you have a gun and you’re going to do what you want, but let me tell you about Jesus,” said Goncalves, who added she always carries a bible.
“I’m a Christian and I have God, and let me tell you about Jesus because he can change your life, you don’t need to do this,” she added.
The man came into the MetroPCS shop where she is an assistant and demanded $300 to cover his rent. Goncalves replied that there wasn’t much money in the shop and that anything he took would be deducted from her wages. The robber listened to about five minutes of preaching and religion, and after it all seemed to see the light and become repentant. He left without taking anything and apologizing to Goncalves.
His change of heart lasted for just a few hours, however. The robber, Israel Camacho, strolled into a shoe store a few miles away and robbed it at gunpoint.
“I preached Jesus to him and maybe I helped him to save his life, who knows. Maybe I planted a little seed in his heart,” Goncalves said after the ordeal was over.

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  1. He did rob a different store the same day but Bat Boy and Manigator caught him in the act of stealing Twinkies, the new super food


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