NEW ORLEANS – BP wants the oil spill to go away so bad that it’s resorting to extreme measures.
The Gulf oil spill is a nightmare come true for BP. The company is bleeding millions of dollars in clean up efforts and has earned the hate of an entire globe thanks to it. Now comes words the BP has doctored photos regarding the oil spill and that isn’t sitting well with anyone.
BP has confirmed that it posted an altered photo on its website that exaggerates the activity at its Gulf oil spill command center in Houston.
The image, which is burning a trail across the Internet, showed workers monitoring a bank of 10 giant video screens displaying underwater images. The image was posted over the weekend.
Spokesman Scott Dean said Tuesday that two screens were blank in the original picture and a staff photographer used Photoshop software to add images. Dean said the company put the unaltered picture up Monday after a blogger for the website Americablog wrote about the “special adjustments” to the image.
Dean also added that the photographer was showing off his Photoshop skills and there was no ill intent. Check out the original here.
Thanks to there “harmless” mistake, media outlets have even more ammunition on BP. The Washington Post quipped, “Apparently BP is no more adept at doctoring photos than it is at plugging deep-sea oil leaks.” Ouch!
One would think that given the huge fallout from the oil spill, BP would try and avoid any negative publicity. Their image is already so tarnished, that restoring it to its old self seems nearly impossible. This move – of allowing a doctored image to go onto the website – shows carelessness on BP’s part and frankly seems a little odd. Another ill-advised move on BP’s part. The list just keeps on growing.

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