NEW YORK, NY – One popular magazine has gotten into hot water with its recent photoshop attempt!
The Economist has had to go on the defensive as its photoshopping of a Reuters image of President Obama in the gulf has been met with criticism. The image appears on its recent cover on “Obama v BP.”
The magazine used a May 28 photo of Obama on a Louisiana beach with Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen and local parish president Charlotte Randolph. The magazine decided to use the image to convey a different image. They took out both Allen and Randolph and presented Obama as a very lonely president.
Reuters was not pleased with the image.
“Reuters has a strict policy against modifying, removing, adding to or altering any of its photographs without first obtaining the permission of Reuters and, where necessary, the third parties referred to,” Reuters said in a statement.
The Economist, however, has tried to reassure everyone that their intentions were pure in editing the photo, and that it was not an effort to make Obama look alone.
In a statement to the New York Times, deputy editor Emma Duncan, said Admiral Allen was removed by the crop and that the local parish president was removed “not to make a political point, but because the presence of an unknown woman would have been puzzling to readers.”
“We don’t edit photos in order to mislead,” she added. “I asked for Ms. Randolph to be removed because I wanted readers to focus on Mr. Obama, not because I wanted to make him look isolated. That wasn’t the point of the story. ‘the damage beyond the spill’ referred to on the cover, and examined in the cover leader, was the damage not to Mr. Obama, but to business in America.”
When a magazine has to go to such great lengths to explain their cover or explain their ideas, then perhaps their message wasn’t as clear or powerful as they thought it would be. Whether it’s one of their readers or a casual browser, the cover seems to paint a picture of Obama being a lonely man. In addition, the fact that The Economist didn’t consult Reuters before using the photo seems to be the first red flag that their cover wasn’t going to work.

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  1. what else is new in trying to make Obama look good…. Only dummies would fall for it….The man has himself in such a mess he will never will get out of it…This job has to be his biggest nightmare…And at some point all of his secrets will be out in the open..and transparentcy eventually we will all see it!!!!

  2. Obama has acquiesced to BP, and has not directed the Navy to low-level Nuke the hole to close it.
    Only 2.5 more years with this Phony, and then America can make BO a 1-term former president.!

  3. Here is the letter I sent to The Economist.
    Re: Barack Obama Oil Spill Cover
    I have read your explanation for the modification of the original photograph of multiple people to serve your
    purposes for the cover. Anyone with a commitment to truth would have rejected the justification for, and act of,
    altering the image, on 3 grounds:
    1) You altered an image without disclosing it – common practice at ethical publications
    2) You altered an image to make an editorial statement – unethical
    3) You altered an image that absolutely distorts the perception of the president and the moment – also unethical
    You have lost my previous trust and respect, and my future as a newsstand customer. What a disappointment.

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