How fast do you think? Is it true that the smarter a person is, the harder he is to understand?

Here are some of the answers science has discovered to these and other questions about intelligence.

Q. How fast do you think?

A. Most people think at the rate of about 400 words per minute — or about three times as fast as most of us talk.

Q Is it true that the smarter you are, the harder you are to understand?

A. Yes. University of California studies have shown that a person of outstanding intelligence, who is capable of original thinking, tends to be extremely difficult to understand.

Q. Do brains and brawn seldom go hand in hand?

A. No. A person with a brilliant mind is far more likely than not to have a robust build.

National Merit Scholarship studies have shown that brainy people are generally taller, stronger, heavier, and healthier than people of lesser intelligence.

Q. Is it true that very intelligent people tend to be self-centered?

A. No. People of superior intelligence have a far greater interest in others than the average person has.
Brainy people also have greater success in choosing the right mate and staying happily married.

Q. Do people who think creatively have a different personality from others?

A. Yes. Psychological studies show they laugh at themselves. They are also inclined to be playful and very impulsive.

Q. is it true that the more intelligent you are, the more creative you are likely to be?

A. No. Creativity is more a product of your emotional makeup than of your intelligence.

But there is a relationship between intelligence and the ability to express creativity.

The person with a lower I.Q. will be less likely to meaningfully express any creativity he may have than the person with a higher I.Q., according to researchers at Pomona College, Claremont, California.

Q. Can you increase your capacity for creative thinking?

A. Yes. Studies at the University of Wisconsin show that you can stimulate your mind for creative thinking in the following manner: List st as many uses as you can dream up for a clothes hanger, a tire, and a screwdriver in each of these places: A party, a picnic, a classroom.

Tests on college students showed that this method was highly effective in awakening creative processes.

With a little ingenuity, you can use this principle to get your own creative juices flowing.

Q. Is it true that the very intelligent live the longest?

A. Yes. Researchers at Westminster College studied the life spans of almost 10,000 people who had distinguished themselves by their mental ability and found that they had a comfortable lead over the rest of the population in longevity

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