NEW YORK, NY – One woman is bringing in the big guns to make sure Citibank pays for firing her!
Debrahlee Lorenzana, the banking beauty, has made headlines over the past couple of weeks for claiming that she was fired from Citibank for being too hot. According to the 33-year-old, her bosses at the banking giant said they couldn’t concentrate because of her sex appeal and she had become a distraction to all the males. Lorenzana has brought in reinforcements to help her with her case and has hired celebrity powerhouse lawyer Gloria Allred.
Allred has been linked to high profile cases such as representing a couple of Tiger Woods’ mistresses and David Boreanaz’s mistress.
“Debrahlee Lorenzana has been unfairly and viciously attacked in the media for having the courage to step forward and take a stand against blatant sex discrimination and retaliation because she complained about the sex discrimination that she was forced to suffer,” Allred said in a statement obtained by RadarOnline. “We feel very confident about her legal claims, and we have agreed to represent her because she deserves to be able to wage the most effective and vigorous legal battle possible.”
In her lawsuit, Lorenzana claims that she was forced out of her Manhattan Citibank job because she was too gorgeous. She was also told repeatedly to stop wearing high heels, pencil skirts and turtle necks. According to her bosses, such clothing accentuated her assets and caused a distraction. Lorenzana refuted everything by saying that she dressed professionally and many other female employees dressed much more provocatively than her.
Lorenzana said in a statement Monday that she hired the celebrity lawyer because she wanted “the best person” to represent her.
“Ms. Allred has been practicing law for 35 years. She and her law firm have won many victories for women in employment discrimination cases,” Lorenzana said. “I am thankful that she has accepted my case and has agreed to represent me.”

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    Gloria Allred Hearts The Citi-Skank
    Not that I am shocked, but as usual, I am right. Gloria Allred has just been hired by Debrahlee “The Bombshell” Lorenzana, which is hilarious at best. Yesterday, Andrea Peyser from the New York Post wrote a really snide piece on The Bombshell, which caused her to get her knickers in a twist and reach out to the big guns herself, Madam Gloria Allred, to help scare up some serious dough for the Money Honey from Citibank. In case you missed it, here’s what I wrote on June 4… http://imeanwhat.com/#ixzz0qwE7vVNp

  2. I thought this woman was just beautiful…… until she opened her mouth… my God, take some speech therapy sweetheart. Man, what a disappointment. LOL….. I thought I was going to hear this hot sultry voice and I instead hear Rosie Perez…..yikes.

  3. Oh boo hoo! She probably uses her good looks to make her co-workers accomplish her tasks. That's the way it is with career whim-men. She needs to spit out babies.

  4. Fired for being too hot is crazy!! People get fired for being too fat, too ugly, too stupid… This women was fired because she couldn't suck a golf ball through a garden hose and nothing else


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