Much to the shock of the financial world, it has been discovered the Yeti are behind the current world
the explosion in cryptocurrencies.

Jeffrey Ness is the current head of the Federal Reserve Board. He noted, “It shocking. It is really putting
the crypto into cryptocurrency. We had no idea. However, it is not illegal for the Yeti to have been
involved. They had better make sure they pay their taxes in Nepal on all their transaction though.”
Investigators have learned that the Yeti are behind blockchain and are the actual inventors of the idea.

It appears that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, ZCash, and Dogecoin. There is also a report of a new
cryptocurrency called RakshasaScript. “Frankly.” Mr. Ness noted, “We have no idea what the Yeti is up
to with the last one. But it appears to be big!”

Not everyone sure that everything is legitimate with the Yeti transactions. There has been an avalanche
of evidence piling up but nothing really indicates a big coverup. For the last decade, the Yeti has been
marketing their own brand of coolers and that has helped lower the temperature of the financial

Ness asked everyone not to jump to conclusions. “We are not sure if there is anything abominable going
on here. We are going to follow the tracks and see where they lead before the evidence melts away.

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