BAHAMAS – One free-diver took on an incredible challenge and videotaped his experience!
Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s second deepest underwater sinkhole (blue hole). It goes down a staggering 663 feet and could give anybody chills when thinking about  free-diving to the bottom. Free-diving requires diving to incredible depths on a single breath.
Guillaume Nery is a world free-diving champion and taking on Dean’s Blue Hole is just another notch on his belt. Nery and fellow French free-diver Julie Gautier took a trip west of the Bahamas to make an incredible video that would highlight the marvels of free-diving.
In the movie, Nery takes one breath, marches to the edge of Dean’s Blue Hole and begins a head-first descent to the bottom. The short movie gives the impression that Nery did in fact reach the bottom of the blue hole.
“I never pretended to reach the bottom. It’s impossible and no one will ever do it,” Nery said via email, emphasizing that the movie was an artistic creation – “a fiction movie” – that took four afternoons of diving “to get all the shots.”
“We just wanted to show another approach of freediving,” he explained. “For me freediving means to be in harmony with the elements, it means exploring the unknown. We tried to express this feeling in one video.”

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