To The World’s Greatest Readers,

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have supported our Kickstarter campaign and all of you who spend time on our site and social media. We appreciate you standing alongside us as we continue to grow and expand. Bat Boy salutes you all!

This Kickstarter campaign came about because we wanted to support writers/artists/web talent during these difficult times. We know you are all going through a tough time as well, that’s why we are especially grateful to you for your kindness and generosity. As many of you have said, the world needs Weekly World News – now more than ever. As always, we are a place where humans (and mutants) can come together in laughter as we look at our crazy, beautiful world(s) in a wholly unique way.

I have been writing for Weekly World News for over ten years and have met many, many people across the country who love Weekly World News – for our characters, our stories, and everything in-between. I’ve heard many heartwarming stories about the joy, laughter, and fun it has brought to many of you and your families over the years. We want to continue to do that and work as hard as we can to get better, to give you the best experience we can. Our goal is to bring back Weekly World News to its glory – and beyond. We know the best years are still ahead. And we need you to help us get there.


We have so much planned for the future. We are excited to have you on the journey with us. Meeting our goal of $50,000 will be the first step to ensuring that Weekly World News will live forever. THANK YOU!

With love from all of us at Weekly World News,
Greg D’Alessandro

P.S.- We are at 72% with 9 days left. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/weeklyworldnews/bring-back-weekly-world-news

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  1. Missed the Kickstarter, but think WWN is a valuable resource. Any way to donate via PayPal or something like that? I’d like to do my part to bring WWN back to a world that needs it.


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