A Cleveland man, who wishes to stay anonymous, said last week that the Lake Erie Monster saved his pet dog after he was thrown overboard. Later, the man was shocked to learn that the legendary creature is NOT a fan of the Cleveland Browns!

The man was on his weekly fishing trip, with his trusty canine best friend, Bynermack, when the water got rough. “It came out of nowhere really. One minute, I grabbed my dog. It was all sunshine and happiness- that’s why I skipped out of work, I mean taking the day off. The next minute it looked like a scene out of the Titanic! The waves began to crash into us!”

The anonymous fisherman recalls reaching to get a bucket to throw the water overboard. That is when another gust of wind pushed him right over the aft side of the boat!

“I was struggling to breathe and already about 10 feet from my dog and the boat, in raging waters! I thought I was going to die!”

The Cleveland Man with Bynermack


That’s when Bynermack, the man’s rescued beagle rescued him right back! The dog jumped into action after sensing something wasn’t right with his owner. He jumped into the water and began to swim to the man.

“My dog, he just grabbed me by the hood of my Browns sweatshirt and pulled me to the boat. I was able to climb back in because he kept nudging me with his head. Once I was safely in the boat, I turned around to grab Bynermack and pull him in with me, but another huge wave came. It knocked me over and when my eyes cleared, my dog was about 25 feet away. He was exhausted from saving me and going under.”

The fisherman tried everything he could do in his weakened state, to save his best friend.

“I threw the life vest out. I tried to grab him with my sweatshirt.  But I couldn’t. He went under, clinging to the hoodie for the last time and  I was screaming and crying, ‘Please!! Someone!! Help us!’”.

And someone, or something DID!

Out from the depths of the water, the 5 year old Beagle shot thru the air, into the boat. But it was nothing short of a miracle because the dog was lifted out of the water by none other than THE LAKE ERIE MONSTER!!

“ I know it sounds crazy, but this thing was huge! It had a dog-shaped head and silver scales. I heard stories about it but I never believed it. But she was there as plain as day.”


The Lake Erie Monster, was first spotted in 1793. Much like her much more famous Scottish counterpart of  Loch Ness, she was dreaded and admired, but never truly proven to be real.

 A creature thought to be a holdover from prehistoric days, many ships’ captains have told stories about the Lake Erie Monster. The Weekly World News has followed whereabouts of “Bessie” closely.

“I just sat their stunned, holding onto my dog. The creature looked at me, then just as quickly as he revealed himself, he went under water. I thought he was gone, but then he popped back out and spit my Browns sweatshirt back into the boat. Guess he’s a Steeler fan!”

The  Cleveland Browns football team have not issued a statement but Cleveland Monsters hockey team invited man and dog to their game, because they don’t want the same issues New Jersey hockey team is having with their Devil.

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