1. jeez it's just kinda sad that he can't tell his Dad. It almost says to me "of course homosexuality is something you wouldn't disclose to your father", in a way I actually find it somewhat homophobic.

  2. Great point by Bill O'Reilly! McDonalds "Come as you are" campaign, are they going to make an Al Qaeda advertisement! A shame to see McDonald's so blatently putting money before morals. Though not suprising.

  3. Yea I can totally relate to the story,
    And it is true, the comercial doesn’t make you hungry but more accepting as a person.
    I myself have not told my dad about my homosexuality. But I am only 17 after all, if that’s any difference. And it sucks he can’t tell him dad, “hey dad, I don’t like girls but guys”. Overall, great article! And I really want to know the young actor’s name and travel to France to meet someone!


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