NEW YORK, NY – Zoinks! Your most trusted news source has teamed up with your favorite canine detective!
Weekly World News and has teamed up with America’s favorite talking dog – Scooby-Doo. The crime solving canine and Shaggy Rogers will be getting their news in an upcoming comic book from Weekly World News. The latest comic is written by Paul Kupperberg and is on sale now.
Scooby-Doo and the rest of his team are always uncovering mysteries and battling freakish monsters. WWN is always on top of the latest breaking news and can always be counted on for reliable news. The two coming together was only a matter of time and the search for truth will become easier. (Scooby Doo © Hanna Barnera)

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3 thoughts on “WWN AND SCOOBY-DOO”

  1. I'm known to the local Chillicothe Ohio area as the Walmart Scooby Doo because of my Scooby Impersonations. So I formed a new Entertainment Corporation and am available for voice acting and other Scooby Auditions. Just ask my fans……(Scooby Fans)


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