Sal Donato has been singing the news for more than a half-century years now. What does that mean? It means that everywhere he has lived—Western Pennsylvania, upstate New York, suburban New Jersey, and a brief stint in the Maze District in Canyonlands National Park—he has spent his Friday nights digesting the events of the week and presenting them as a short song in which he accompanies himself on piano.

When the coronavirus crisis hit, Sal remained calm. “I’ve been through it all,” he said. “I remember where I was for the Cuban Missile Crisis, and when Kennedy was shot. I’ve been through Watergate. I watched the Challenger explode. On 9/11, I resisted panic by writing a song—’Two Towers in Two Hours.’ It was a dance hit later for reasons I can’t quite explain.”

Sal knew this was different. “The main thing here wasn’t just to tell the story of what is happening, but to calm people. I wanted to write a song that was also a public service announcement.” He has, and the Weekly World News is proud to present it today.

written by Luciano Salvatore (music) Boyce Day (lyrics), performed by Sal Donato

We know that with coronavirus / Everyone is feeling nervous / So we present this information / As a form of public service

Wash your hands / For twenty seconds / Take temperature / Twice-daily check-ins

Don’t go out too often / And don’t touch your face / And don’t feel panic / At every new case

Don’t visit doctors / Without calling first / Going in unannounced / Just might make things worse

Be smart and be careful / Be clear on the facts / This thing will expand / Before it contracts.

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