HOLLYWOOD, CA – Publicists for Miley Cyrus confirmed to Weekly World News that she is now dating Bigfoot. The wild man of the woods, however, is not making any comments about his new relationship.

Since Miley Cyrus broke up with Liam Hemsworth, she has been dating a number of people – men and women – but none have touched her heart like Bigfoot. Miley was recently dating Cody Simpson, but as with most of her relationships, it fell apart.

Bigfoot, who injured his ACL in the woods last August, has been busy for the last three months. Bat Boy picked Bigfoot as his running mate for his 2020 run for the White House. Bigfoot accepted, even though he is quite shy around cameras.


Miley met Bigfoot at a private fundraiser for Bat Boy, which was held at Jimmy Kimmel’s compound above the Sunset Strip. Hollywood A-List actors, writers, and producers donated over $4 million to the Bat Boy campaign that night. But Miley spent the night staring at Bigfoot. She was smitten, and everybody knew it.

“When Miley wants something or someone, she goes for it,” said Emily Osment, a dear friend of Miley’s. “She was all over Bigfoot the whole night. She wasn’t going to take no for answer.”

Many at the campaign event saw Bigfoot carry Miley, over his shoulder, out of the house. He lumbered through the Hollywood Hills with Miley and… that was that.

Since then, Miley and Bigfoot are a well-known item in Hollywood. There have been many sightings of the couple, although when Bigfoot sees the cameras he takes off running.

For Valentine’s Day, the couple went to the trendy hotspot, Craig’s in West Hollywood. But Bigfoot wasn’t impressed with the food and left early.

This reporter spoke directly to Miley Cyrus, who said that Bigfoot is the best being she has ever been with. “He satisfies my every need. I can see living the rest of my life with him.”

When we tried to speak with Bigfoot, he just howled at us, jumped over the pool and ran up the hill into the canyon. Miley looked at us, “isn’t he dreamy.”

When asked Miley is she was going to marry Bigfoot, and have a family with him, she said, “I hope so.”

Here’s Miley with the rose Bigfoot gave her for Valentine’s Day:

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