JOPLIN, MO – Seven-year-old Kirsten Robbins made history last weekend. She spent several frightful nights defending herself and her five-year-old brother against The Boogeyman. It looked like she would cower under the covers like so many before her, but instead, Kirsten decided to fight back.

She fought the boogeyman and she won!

It is the most fearsome display of courage that anyone in Joplin had ever seen, Kirsten killed The Boogeyman, using nothing but her Girl Scout knife.

On January 15th, Kirsten and Scooter’s parents tucked them into bed and went downstairs to watch a movie. Soon after, Scooter let out a scream. Kirsten tried to calm him, but he kept saying “the Boogeyman is here. He’s trying to get me. He’s trying to get me!”

Kirsten looked under the bed and in the closet and didn’t see anybody. She calmed her brother and went back to sleep. Two hours later, Scooter screamed again. He was shaking and crying this time. “He’s going to hurt me. Stop him. You gotta stop him.”


Kirsten didn’t know what to do. Her concerned parents came into the room to see what was wrong. “It’s nothing, Scooter’s just seeing things again.” Mrs. Robbins hugged Scooter than went back to bed. Mr. Robbins told Kirsten that he had to get up early the next day and “take care of your brother. Don’t wake us up again.”

Kirsten and Scooter went back to bed. There was no more sign of The Boogeyman.

But for the next three nights, Scooter kept seeing The Boogeyman and he was getting more and more frightened. “He’s in the closet, I know it!”

The Boogeyman


Finally, on the third night, Kirsten decided to check out the closet yet again. This time, however, she saw the beast. The Boogeyman was huge. His face was as big as the closet and his mouth was drooling. His eyes were bulging. The Boogeyman looked like he was about to bite Kirsten.

Scooter had no voice left to scream. His screams were silent.

Scooter Robbins
Scared of The Boogeyman

Kirsten fell to the floor. The Boogeyman came out of the closet and moved toward her. Scooter’s eyes grew wide and he fainted. The Boogeyman grabbed Kirsten by the leg and dragged her toward the closet. Kirsten tried to fight him off, but he was too strong for her.

As they got closer and closer to the closet, Kirsten began to feel like she was doomed. But then, she remembered she had her Girl Scout knife in her bottom drawer by the closet. She quickly reached for it and got it. The Boogeyman now had her fully in the closet.

No one is sure what happened next. Kirsten isn’t even sure. But she had a lot of adrenaline flowing through her body and she struck The Boogeyman with her knife – over and over again.

Scooter got off the bed and ran to the closet. He saw The Boogeyman lying in the closet – dead. And Kirsten was out of breath with the knife at her feet.

Scooter gave his sister a big hug. And they stayed that way for the rest of the night.


The next day, Scooter and Kirsten told their parents about what happened, but when the parents looked in the closet, The Boogeyman’s body was gone.

That didn’t stop Scooter from telling the whole school, and the whole town about his hero sister. “My sister killed The Boogeyman. She’s a hero. She’s my hero.”

If anyone ever asks you, tell them – “Kirsten Robbins killed The Boogeyman.”

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