Monk Snaps! Screams at his bell for 3 days straight.

GALLOWAY, SCOTLAND – There was some monk mayhem at the Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery when Ian Blanton had a breakdown while meditating. Blanton went on a three-day rant, destroying pillows, bells, and incense holders as he demanded to talk to someone – “anyone.”

Blanton had taken a vow of silence. His commitment to his fellow monks (and Buddha) was that he would not speak to anyone for 90 days, including himself. Blanton made it to day 86 in total silence, but then he couldn’t take it anymore. He lost his mind. He snapped.

Monk Blanton got up off his pillow and danced around the monastery with his arms flailing in every direction. He was screaming and yelling – laughing and crying. Blanton grabbed a number of meditation pillows and ripped them to shreds – with his teeth.

He then turned his full attention to his meditation bell. Blanton was required to ring the bell three times at 100-minute intervals throughout the mediation day, which usually lasted 12 hours. During his meltdown, he cursed at his meditation bell, calling it every name under Buddha. He then picked up the bell and touched every monk on the head with it, before collapsing on the floor – screaming and kicking.


Weekly World News sent a reporter to Kagy Samye Ling but we were unable to speak to anyone – the vow of silence still in place. However, there was a lot of nonverbal communication with the monks. It was clear from their arm and leg movements – as well as the darting eyes – that the other monks were scared of Blanton. Their eyes seemed to be saying, “get that crazy monk out of here!”

We approached Blanton in a non-confrontational way, hoping to understand what led to his breakdown. He seemed to calm down when we spoke with him, but he then slammed this reporter on the head with his bell. After a visit to the hospital to get twenty stitches, we went back to speak to Blanton.

“I hate meditating. My mind sucks! I can NOT have thoughts. That’s who I am. I am a thought kind of guy. Get me the hell out of here. Get me out!!”

Weekly World News wanted to help Ian Blanton get out of the monastery but since we were unable to speak to anyone, it was difficult to figure out how to go about doing so. This was made more difficult because Blanton was spinning on his head and screaming about his pillow.

He even got into a fighting position. But one meditating monk got up, picked up a sword and chased him away.

The other monks remained calm. We could tell that they were struggling to keep their minds focused on other things, but when Blanton started punching them in the arms and legs, some of them did flinch. Even though they weren’t allowed to think, they clearly had a few thoughts about this.

After six hours, we had to leave. We do not know how or when the Monk Blanton meltdown ended, but we are confident that the monks would not give it a second thought.

UPDATE: The Dalai Lama traveled to Scotland to resolve the Monk Blanton issue. But the Dalai Lama was no better at controlling him. Blanton knocked out the Dalai Lama with his pillow.

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