Her Majesty has had it with her royal brood. They’ll have to fend for themselves from now on!

Queen Elizabeth is done trying to teach the younger generations of the royal family how to behave. “They’ve all lost the plot,” said Buckingham Palace insider, Ian Wadsworth. “Charles has never been the man she thought he would become, especially with Camilla on his arm. And Prince Andrew, well after learning about his Epstein connection, she would disown him she could.”

Prince Andrew has brought shame and embarrassment to the Queen with the interview he gave to the BBC. “The Queen watched the interview and almost vomited into her soup when he was talking about his sweating and hugging. He disgraced the family, at the very least,” Wadsworth told Weekly News.

Prince Andrew during his disastrous BBC interview


The 93-year-old Queen has long been disillusioned with the way her children and grandchildren have behaved in recent years. “I worry about her health with the way they all carry on,” said Wadsworth. “Prince Harry and Meghan deciding they would not be spending Christmas with Her Majesty has been particularly hard on her. They should be ashamed of themselves, in my opinion.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

They will always her family but Queen Elizabeth does not feel they can carry on their royal duties to her satisfaction. “She does favor William and Kate, and her great-grandchildren, but she felt it was best if she cut them all off,” said Wadsworth. “She wants to send a message to her family and to all of England. “Grow up!

Queen Elizabeth was so upset she got on her horse and rode for three days as she contemplated what course of action to take.

So who will now handle all the royal family duties?

“The Queen is looking for surrogate royal family members to handle the duties of Buckingham Palace,” Wadsworth said. “There are rumors that she may ask The Kardashians to represent the Royal Family. “She watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians religiously and she thinks they would represent England very well.”

As for the rest of the Royal Family – they are all crying “poverty” now that they’ve been cut off. When Queen Elizabeth heard this, she said, “let them eat cake!

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