LOS ANGELES – Weekly World News exclusive! Sources close to members of the Los Angeles Police Department say that they plan to launch their JetPack Patrol in 2020. 3,000 officers will use The Malley Jetpackj, which is manufactured in New Zealand.

The first commercially developed jetpack, The Malley Jetpack, is ready for mass production and will soon be released to the public.  The City of Los Angeles has already ordered 3,000 jetpacks for its police, paramedics and fire department.  “We’ll all be zooming around the skies of L.A. soon,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.  “And it’s another great tool for law enforcement.”

Garcetti told a Weekly World News junior reporter that the traffic in LA has become so bad that police officers have had a lot of trouble getting to certain areas of the city. “Flying will be much faster. We think we’ll be able to respond to a call in 2-3 minutes now.”

The LAPD Jet Pack Officers have been training near Joshua Tree National Park, using a 2010 Martin Jetpack. “The older version of the jetpack is much more cumbersome,” said Police Lieutenant Sandra Mockrey. “But once our guys can handle the Martin, the Malley will be a piece of cake.”

“You strap it on, you fly.   It’s that simple,” said Officer Archibald Walton.  “They developed it so even the dumbest among us can use it.”  Officer Walton went on to say that, “squad cars will be in the dustbin of history soon enough.”


The jetpack was first developed by the Martin Aircraft Company which was founded in 1998 and operates out of New Zealand. 

The 2019 version of the jetpack, The Malley, can carry a person up to 10,000 feet in the sky. It has enough fuel to fly 61.5 miles at the maximum regulated speed of  75 mph. A full tank of gas will last Officers roughly 60 minutes.

At 3 feet tall by 2.4 feet wide, the Malley is easy to park when not in use. And if you use stack parking, experts predict you can store about 20 jetpacks in your driveway.  Meet the Jetsons!

The new LAPD Jetpack Patrol will be the first of many Jetpack Patrols in the United States. “We are very excited to have the first Jetpack Patrol in the country,” said Lieutenant Mockrey. “We want to show the rest of the country what a great tool this can be for law enforcement.”

Mockrey added that Los Angeles is fortunate to have a sunny and dry climate that is ideal for deploying jetpacks during the day or at night. does have an advantage of great weather. Jetpacks do not yet function well in the rain, sleet or snow, “so it will be a while before police departments in other cities can sue them,” he said.

The new slogan for the LAPD Jetpack Patrol, “Strap it on. Let’s fly!”

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