Coming off her big debate win last night in Detroit, Marianne Williamson, has decided to take the bold step of picking her Vice Presidential running mate for her 2020 run for the White House.

Marianne Williamson has picked Sherrod Small, a popular standup comic, writer, producer, actor, and astute political commentator to take on Donald Trump next year.  Williamson feels that President Trump and Mike Pence are “dark psychic forces” in the United States and wanted to balance her ticket with an evolved human being who, like herself, is a powerful force of light in this world.  “I’ve known Sherrod for almost five months, and I can tell you that if there is anyone on the planet who is the exact opposite of Mike Pence, it’s Sherrod Small.”

“As President, I will be flying the plane of goodness through the turbulent skies of our country,” Williamson went on to say.  “I will be flying us all above the hurt, the pain, the betrayal and the unbridled hate that Donald Trump has navigated us into.  And if I am unable to fly, I know that Sherrod, as my co-pilot, can bring abundance, joy, and healing to a country that so desperately needs it.”

Sherrod Small could not be reached for comment, but WWN has learned that he was bewildered by Williamson’s announcement.  After it sunk in, however, subway riders close to the comedian said he was giddy about the news.

“Sherrod is going be the greatest VP since Oprah,” said Tanya Wilkins, who has a friend who met Sherrod last year.  “He’s gonna throw the best damn parties in The White House.  Gonna be some kickin’ Cuban food up in there.”

Williamson, who announced her bold plan for reparations for all African-Americans, told WWN that Vice President Small’s first task will be to decide who qualifies as an “African-American” and how much money each person will get.  “Sherrod has a great sense of fairness and I know he will make sure that everybody gets what they deserve.”   Williamson feels it will be refreshing to have a stand-up comic as Vice President.  “How glorious will it be to have a professional comedian telling jokes in The White House, instead of having a President who is a joke.”

Williamson told WWN that she arrived at her choice for VP when she was walking to the Fox Theatre last night for the Democrat debate. She saw a cardinal land on a park bench.  She stopped and observed the bird for six minutes. It seemed to be speaking to her. With love. And when Williamson hears love and sees love, she wants to be love and share love.

As the cardinal stared at her an image came into her mind.  An image of a train coming into a station. The train passed by at a high speed. But then another train came into the station. The station was located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The train stopped and suddenly there was an overwhelming burst of energy and light and colors and out stepped a man. A walking man. And she could see who it was… Sherrod Small.  Standing tall.  A rainbow of positivity.  “I knew what I had to do,” Williamson said.  She thanked the cardinal for its love and advice and continued on to the debate, to spread more love and psychic light and yada, yada, yada…

WWN will be following up on this breaking story.



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