SANTA BARBARA, CA – A popular celebration for students around California may be coming to an end!
Floatopia is known as the beach party of all beach parties in the area. During the celebration, students from all over gather, party and float on rafts and other floating devices – which is where the name Floatopia comes from. The party was first started by USCB student Ingvard Myklebust and his roommates in 2004. Last year’s edition saw some 12,000 revelers which sparked the Santa Barbara County parks director to call the gathering “unmitigated chaos.”
Authorities are looking to put an end to this celebration and plan to close access points to popular beaches near the University of California, Santa Barbara. According to Sheriff Bill Brown, 78 citations were given out last year for alcohol-related crimes and there were 13 arrests made. In addition, 33 partygoers were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, heat exposure and cuts.
In past years, the event has been less than organized. There are no formal sponsors and no security or provisions for emergency aid. The events have also been environmentally challenging according to county officials. “Without restroom facilities, many attendees simply used the ocean, creating a large concentration of human waste that threatened sea life,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.
“Not having Floatopia is unrealistic,” said Liz Buda, a 2009 UCSB graduate. “It’s a yearly IV event and people hold it very dear to their hearts.”
Another student, Dan Par, believes that officials closing beaches is “undemocratic and an abuse of their power.”
“You can close the beach, but the people of Isla Vista will party day and night,” he said.
The event was due to be held this Saturday. Check out some of the highlights from last years’ event.

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  1. you cut off the part of the girl's quote from the la times when she said she registered 100 voters at a previous floatopia and that there was a lack of public process.
    thanks for removing quotes that actually presented a different view point.


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