NEW YORK, NY – One pizza deliveryman would stop at nothing to make sure some Famous Famiglia pizza made it to the customer!
On a routine delivery run last week, Assami Semde became a hero and perhaps the best deliveryman in NY. The 19-year-old was assaulted by two individuals with one wielding a gun claiming they wanted his pizzas. Semde was able to fight off the assailants and still delivered the pizzas while they were hot.
Frank Grecco, owner of Famous Famiglia in East Harlem, said that Semde put down the pies and when the gunman bent down to pick them up, Semde shoved him so he’d lose his balance. Police have said that they arrested one man on attempted robbery charges. Police escorted Semde to his final destination where he delivered one pepperoni and one cheese.
“He’s just the greatest, most polite guy you’ll ever meet,” said Grecco. “He wasn’t expecting this, he was just doing his job.”
Semde is a student from Burkina Faso and has only been in the U.S. for six months.
When asked about the situation, Semde said, “Right now I am a little bit scared of being here. But before this, never.”

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