PURCHASE, NY – A private suburban college has made the news for reasons that no one hoped for!
Manhattanville College, located in Purchase, was the scene of police investigations and news coverage last night. A freshman was found killed in staff housing where she lived with her parents.
Police on the scene have called Monday’s incident a family matter. The college identified the student as 18-year-old Marissa Pagli.
The murder has certainly caused many unsettled nerves, but police continue to reassure everyone that this was an isolated incident and the campus is safe and secure. “This is a family incident,” said Harrison Police Capt. Anthony Marraccini, settling fears that there may be a campus killer on the loose.
Marissa has been described by classmates as a popular member of the school volleyball team and she is the daughter of a college maintenance worker. Her mother was found unconscious in the family’s apartment and was taken to a local hospital.
“We are shocked and saddened by the death … of one of our students, whose family has been part of our community for many years,” said Molly Easo Smith, president of the college. “Our hearts go out to all who have been touched by this loss.”

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  1. I'm a student at mville and the lack of info is astounding we had to find out it was a murder from the 11 o'clock news. And then had a bunch of officials telling us not to worry all day yesterday while there were a million rumors floating around. I feel like our school is trying to make this a smaller deal than it actually is so things can go on normally. They keep saying "it's an isolated incident." There r only 1700 students here its a small community. when something like this happens theres no way were not all gonna b affected.


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