NEW YORK, NY – Did your mom ever tell you that comic books were a waste of money? Wait till she finds out what the first Superman comic sold for!
The rare copy of the first comic book to feature Superman sold for an unprecedented $1 million. The sale smashed the previous record for a comic of $317,200 in 2009.
The issue features Superman lifting a car on the cover. It should be noted that the issue originally cost 10 cents. The transaction was conducted through the auction site ComicConnect.com. The sale was orchestrated by Stephen Fishler, the co-owner of the site and its sister dealership, Metropolis Collectibles.
The seller’s or buyer’s names were not disclosed. Fishler did say that the seller was a “well-known individual” in New York with a pedigree collection, and that the buyer was a known customer who had previously bought an Action Comic No 1.
“The opportunity to buy an un-restored, high-grade Action One comes along once every two decades. It’s certainly a milestone,” said Fishler.
“It is still a little stunning to see a comic book and $1 million in the same sentence,” he added.

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