NEW YORK, NY – A Spirit Airlines flight shows that you may want to think twice the next time you ask for water aboard a plane!
A Spirit Airlines flight, bound for Ft. Lauderdale, was delayed for two hours on the tarmac at LaGuardia as the cabin overheated. 200 passengers found themselves trapped inside the plane in more than stuffy conditions. One passenger in particular, Mitchell Roslin who is a surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital, made a bold request during that time. Roslin requested some water for his 7-month pregnant wife and was quickly denied.
According to the flight attendants, it was “against corporate policy” to give out water before the plane took off. After several pleas and requests for water, Roslin was asked to leave the plane, a request that he obliged with family in tow.
Misty Pinson, a spokeswoman for Spirit Air, said, “He refused and continued to cause a disturbance and tried to incite other customers. After his son kicked our station manager, the family was removed.”
Roslin told the NY Post, “I refuse to accept that people can’t have a moral comapss to give out water.”

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4 thoughts on “MITCHELL ROSLIN”

  1. The guy's son kicked the station manager in the groin. Mr. Roslin (surgeon) is typical of the type of passenger that wants everything for free including the airfare if he could get it. He's a surgeon, cheap idiot. Next time go first class on Delta and let your preggie wife drink champagne.

  2. the world is getting so communist ,cant do this ,cant do that,bring back the old days when people did not get offended so easily and life was good,the world today is to complex for its on good.

  3. How dare you! asking water for your pregnant wife… How rude. You know: Rules are to be followed and don't you forget is, you stupid pregnant woman!!


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